Oh Tyler!!!! How could you

Sunday, September 26, 2004

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This is picture of Tyler Hamilton, Olympic champion(??) and his dog Tugboat, who died during the course of the Tour de France this year. Looks nice doesn't it?

Tyler Hamilton, who I mentioned in an earlier blog reference on the Olympics, seems to have been royally convicted of doping. He got caught doing a blood transfusion. That means he had his blood exchanged with someone else's...dude, that's so disgusting. You have to lie there for 6 hours while all your blood gets exchanged for someone else's, and you're not going through open heart surgery??!! I don't know why that has to be illegal, because it seems to be super nasty already. Punishment like beating a dead horse.

Apparently he might keep his gold medal for the Olympics, because he has proved to be clean for that. But...good comment by fellow sports-maniac Y, you have to doubt when someone suddenly becomes a champion cyclist at 32 years old. However, good guy status of Hamilton and general admiration from sporting community makes convincing proof that ALL cyclists must be doped in some way or another. Everybody on the inside must know who's doing the crack.

Afternote: Richard Virenque announced his retirement just this week, at the prime age of 35. Laurent Fignon wisely noted that "perhaps Virenque was not the best climber, but the climber who best understood the rules!!!" That's mud on your 7 pea shirts Richard...oh, and he had to make his announcement at Olympia, the rockstar venue. I like this guy.