Just when you thought the party ended.....

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Last night had marvelous display of French ingenuity. Scoobs was broke, and to herald a coming 20Eu, she decided to host a dinner party. She provided the lentils, the rest was up to the guests. Turns out everyone was itching for something to do, someplace ot go, to huddle, to smoke, to drink and eat themselves silly, because sooner than later, the guestlist had swollen to 10 and everybody was bringing something good to munch/glug on.

Had to swing by Voin’s place to pick him up because, YES, the boy is back in town. Thank god, I was starting to feel like a housewife. But, was about 2 hours late due to bad Fougace experiment and bomb alert on the metro line 2. So, ended up walking in between Anvers and La Fourche, which was terribly funny because cars stuck in giant line all in the left hand side did NOT move.

Finally see the beautiful Voin, looking the same, if a little tired, and his boyfriend Mr. T, a lovely boy with a dashing black mackintosh. Turns out our little Bulgarian troublemaker has been imbibing in too many powdered and pilled substances and has turned into a deflated souffle…but given the list of ingredients in his chemical menu, all is forgiven. Anyways, he brought me a really lovely polyester scarf with eighties print of horses, and spray painted Chanel-ish chain bag. Sigh. Hands off girls, this one’s MINE ! ! !!

Got to the Scoobs and were the second people to arrive, preceded by the Dude, Queenie’s boyfriend. The Dude always sports some serious hip hop style and he showed me how my name would look if he tagged it. Everybody very charming, immediately grabbing wine bottles and glasses, and night officially started. Other people showed up : J-girl with the German Boyfriend, Queenie, Manu and the Philosophy student, and finally Annabelle, Scoob’s roommate.

Impressive amounts of wine was drank, tons and tons of delicious goodies, I amused Voin with my more sophisticated version of the Camembert, and Scoobs did her best with the Parmesan. We did three rounds of my roasted pleurotes (oyster mushrooms) and had divine moment with rabbit terrine. It hit a nostalgic note by reminding me of the potjevleesch (pot of flesh, wacky northern french jellied meat speciality).

Then the Dude disappeared into the kitchen for a bit…finally, piqued by curiosity and joint-smelling, found out what the Dude was up to…he was beating a cupful of sugar with a spoonful of coffee…talk about heroism. Queenie was overcome with adoration and did a tiger pounce…Voin and I retired back to the salon to see what was going on. People were talking about Dune.

Finally, Herbie made a show. He works late so it’s forgiveable, plus super gift of three beer bottles and two wine bottles. Everybody left minutes after he got there, so was just Scoobs, Annabelle, Herbie and myself. Voin had already signed his check hours ago. The boy looks like he needs a week of serious R’n’R. Managed to drink a helluva lot more, and discuss the problems of contemporary art, as well as sing some Hank Williams songs, before being shown the door.

Then, thank you Herbie, managed to be taxied all the way to the door for practically no money. Crept into bed warmed by Dacnar and drank at least two glasses of water before sleeping, like good girl. But hasn’t stopped me from feeling like a monkey head and wondering if singing Daniel Johnston songs really loudly in front of a french audience is ever a good idea. Oh, just remembered hilarious history lesson between the Dude and German boyfriend on Notorious B.I.G./Tupac and the whole west coast : east coast thang. Hah ! That’s some good EU Exchange going on.

P.S. at this very moment, carpenters are fixing my doors and windows so am surrounded by all sorts of banging and hammering, all day long, while gradually seeping day-after alcohol fumes. bad planning.