with two screwdrivers and good will

Sunday, January 08, 2006

We came home last night, after massive winnings in poker, at 5 in the morning to a cold apartment. An eerily chilly apartment. The heater was off. In winter, I never turn the heater off while we're out. I just turn the thermostat down. After all, the energy it takes to reheat an entire room is hardly worth the bother than the occasional blasts it takes to keep it moderately liveable. The heater had stopped working.

I have a gas heater and the Economist. I know about those Russians and their gas mongering. Has our winter of russian discontent begun? Did Gaz France lie to us and are we getting our supply cut? A simple test of the gas stove proves otherwise.

Benoit is just now getting out of his slightly comatose state, incurred from massive alcohol consumption. He's on the phone with his father, armed with two screwdrivers and good will. I'd prefer just to call a man to help us, but, something about Gallic fix-er-uppers... they're bloody stubborn. I just hope he doesn't ruin our gas supply otherwise then I'm stuck for food as well....

.... OH MY GOD! He just fixed it! So it is possible for life to continue after a little bit of screwing around.