La Maison Rectangulaire

Friday, January 06, 2006

ana and hendrick
Hendrik and Anabelle

Last night, at éof Gallery, I went to the launch of La Maison Rectangulaire, a book by Hélèna Villovitch, with illustrations by Hendrik Hegray. There was hot mulled wine, spiced bread and, later, oysters and more wine, with the night ending in a headbanging contest, broken glasses and a lovers's altercation, proving that things go from class to crass when the alcohol runs fast and free.

I can't give you a review of the book because I haven't read the book. However, after the reading, someone I knew said "his drawings weren't very good." I don't know if this person was just being jealous, of it was her professional opinion. I just know it wasn't really the moment to say that kind of thing. People in glass houses...

...and, I disagree.