Lunchtime Cruise

Friday, June 17, 2005

So I was hanging out at the market, and I bumped into Sandy Plotnikoff, who seems to have taken some age-defying drugs because boy doesn't look a day older than 26. Shocking, but same old wacky weirdo art guy that I love. And then bumped into Josh. I'll explain Josh later, when I've figured him out, but he's the big braino these day behind Tangiers, the band he started with my ex Yuri. We then headed over to Aunties and Uncles, which I remember for their Belgian waffles and back bacon, for some Tom Cruise impressions.

Tom Cruise was recently on Oprah to promote his new film, and to talk about his new relationship with daughter Katie Holmes. Of course we can never be sure if their relationship is like Nicolas Cage and Patricia Arquette, or MJ and Lisa Marie. Only time will tell. Still, Mike LeBlanc managed to give a fair impression on the Cruise freakout that is only one of the side-effects of his anti-gay drug.

tomcruise on oprah, exhibit 1
well... well...

tomcruise on oprah, exhibit 2

tomcruise on oprah, exhibit 3

tomcruise on oprah, exhibit 4
everything's so funky!

josh tomcruise
Well, that's pretty good but I think you need a third fist pumping in the air, like a boomerang fist, or like his hand gets chopped off and turns into a machete then he suddenly gives his little guy voice and says "I'm not a happy leprechaun"...but that's too weird. Did you notice how being too weird became uncool?