Thursday, June 16, 2005

Today I went over to David's again. It was the end of the afternoon, and the skies had been threatening rain all day. We went to the back and immediately met our old friend, Cecilia, otherwise known as Nigger Head Bag. It's a rather strange ashtray, with the head of a kewpie doll. I don't know why I'm so attracted to this object, or why it signifies something so wonderful, but I feel close to Cecilia. She's an old fart.

David, Cecilia and the Eiffel Tower Shit

Somehow when we're together, we always bring out the best in us. Some people tell me we might be spending too much time together, but on a humid afternoon, in a deeply green backyard, Cecilia and I have many laughs. But, sometimes I'm just forced to admit that while she's exquisitely physically wrought, she's quite politically incorrect. Aesthetically I can accept her presence, the colours, the vibrance. But for what she says politically, it's quite a shame. Sorry.

Me and Cecilia