another reason why it's hard to be a north american in france

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Because you read about things like this knowing full well that by the time you see it, it'll be out on DVD in North America, and, well, even if you luck out and see it in VO, you're still going to be watching it with those stupid subtitles pasted all on the bottom. Fuck... I' cann't believe I'm gonna have to wait to see this baby... and it's definitely something I want to see in the cinema. Check out the trailers for instant creaming.

p.s. I heard that this film alone resurrects the apparently flat-lined career of Mickey Rourke. All I can say is, hell, he makes a great living dead, even when he was young and cute... Btw, can anybody inform me whether that face, the face he has in the film, is his real face... like, I know he got plastic surgery... but dude! That's nutters! He looks like a G.I. Joe character.