Castrated Male Chickens are this year's Winners in France

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The question was "what was your main dish on Christmas Day?"
Here are the results.


Chicken was the big winner. Under this category were both hens and capons (castrated male chicken). Capons were the bird of choice, if it was chicken, in France.

Overall, all the turkeys, except one Irish and Singaporean exception, came from North America.

Only four people out of the North Americans polled did not eat turkey.
These four ate: tandoori chicken, ham, stuffed pork and guyanese pork. Pig is the big option if you don’t eat turkey.

In English speaking countries, chicken and turkey dominated.

France displayed more variety, with guinea fowl, lamb and, most noticeably, seafood.

France was the only country to have seafood featuring as a main dish. Langoustines, lobster, salmon and shrimp were the options. Most of these results came from areas bordering the coastline, such as the Charentes area, or Normandy.

My only New Zealand contribution had kefte balls (which I assumed are made of lamb) since they were having a Turkey (as in nation) themed Christmas.

The mixed bag was for people who didn’t have just one main dish, but competing main dishes. An outstanding contribution was made by my finnish carnivore ex-rommate, who had three meat dishes: turkey, beef and ham. That was the only entry made by beef.

The weirdest menu was from Singapore, continually paving the way for fusion cooking: lasagna, chicken satay and almond chicken curry. I couldn’t figure out what was the main dish in that one. Her menu was also capped with that stinkiest of king fruits, durian, and a very nice calming jello-like desert, made of seaweed, called agar agar.

Goose didn’t get on anyone’s list, unfortunately.

Results came in from the following countries:
New Zealand

Thanks to all those who participated.