take a deep deep breath and count to ten

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Because it's almost Christmas, and last-minute Christmas shoppers were rushing about today. I really like shopping on a Monday afternoon, or Wednesday morning, when no one else is around. Unfortunately, dacnar, being contrary against gift-buying just until he panics, forced us out into the masses this afternoon.

christmas is scary because not only do you have to get something for each person, you have to calculate what they want against what you could possibly play with the day of Christmas after they get bored, calculated against price, calculated against what the damage against the environment, then packaging issues. It's horrible. I'm bad at wrapping.

Oh well. As a reward, dacnar is taking me out for dinner tonight at a little bistro I've been keeping my eye on since we moved. Le Bistrot des Soupirs (the Bistro of Gasps!), practically just across the street. It's a favourite of little Amelie (Tatou), and is recommended by the Gault Millau. Gosh, there goes all our hard-worked frugality, all out in one seul coup. Tell you about the meal later.