How people were good to me today

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A very warm and gracious day, one of the best so far. Here's the recap:

-Contacted two of my fellow bloggers to find advice on job seeking. Both replied promptly and both offered great practical advice, on top of the usual good humour. Thanks Petite and Auntie M.

-Woke up to the husband vacuuming the house and making breakfast.

-Got a phonecall from Voin in the early afternoon. HE'S BACK from BERLIN!!! Planned a date for tonight at Espace Paul Ricard.

-Updated some ideas and finished the framework on my latest story.

-Ate a big pasta dish that was a mix of bolognaise sauce and spinach with Dacnar. The dish went brownish green, we called it the swamp thing, and it ate my brain. Soooo goooood. The hubby and me laughed it up to "Questions pour un Champion," daft french version of a quiz show. The host is so much more stupid than Alex Trebek ever was.

-Luckily I ate a lot because then it was time to go to Espace Paul Ricard, where it's always open bar. Met up with Ana, and on walking through the doors, was hailed with great cry and violent embrace by Voin, who looks fantastic, so fresh from Berlin. T-Bo, his BF, was there too. So fun, so sweet, those two. Despite polishing off 1/2 bottle of wine at home over dinner, still managed to squash down 2 ricards and 1 hefty scotch.

-Bumped into the boy who made my life entertaining in September. He and his friends have decided to end the Cold War. I was friendly with him because I don't like to hold grudges, but have decided that I will not go out of my way to make conversation and entertain people who have deeply offended me. A very good self-realisation I think.

-Went in for more good times with Voin, T-Bo and Ana. On the way back to their place, we picked up McDo Deluxe Potatoes and another bottle of wine. Voin cooked up hamburger with tomato sauce and we giggled over baby photos of my two favourite trouble-makers.

-Ana fell asleep while we watched School of Rock. That's my 6th time seeing this doozy. Have I fallen in love with Chad Black or is it the ghost of my Jimmy Page infatuation coming to haunt me? Earlier on, Ana woke up my rock voice, which was nice because it's been a long time since I've talked the Rob Zombie growl voice. Come to think of it, might've been the first time in France!

-Took a cab home to leave Ana piled on the boys's mattress. Was so great to come back to my warm and lovely apartment, Dacnar still awake, chirping about happily on the computer. He's figured out how to use HTML in email! Watch out world!

-Checked my email to find more goodies. A guy who I thought was leaving hateful comments was actually just joking, which raps bad on my sense of humour, but raps good on the fact that now I know I wasn't being jumped in a digital alleyway by badman. Sorry pomodoro if I rained on your parade.

-Finally, all in all, have come to love the world so much more, and am assured that people do good things, that it has nothing to do with an urge to change the world but out of good nature, and, dare I say it, love. And here's one for Dacnar:

"My baby may not be rich
he's watching every dime
but he loves me loves me loves me
we always have a real good time."
Let's hear it for the boy by Denise Williams