scorpio fever - part 1

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Last night was the first installment of the four part birthday series. Queenie, first in line for the b-day celebrations, turning a ripe age of 28, had a little surprise birthday party thrown for her by the Dude, who blew me away with his gorgeous satin vintage baseball jacket. I have Detroit Tigers version which kicks his Yankees version anyday, but, yeah, his is pretty class. aside....

It was supposed to be a small little party, just for friends. When I got there for the surprise toast, at 7pm, the Dude and Queenie were sitting at the table, all serious and everything. As usual, Queenie was scarfing down blood sausages, saucisson, cheeses, she's like a vacuum cleaner that girl. Where the hell she puts all that, I dunno. Maybe there's a hole in her little toe. Girls, she's like a size four and she packs it in like a trucker!

Anyways, so I took off to buy some alcohol. Dude came with, cajoled me into buying champagne, which was definitely over-budget. Sandra was there too. She's this nice quiet blonde, who, after a couple of drinks, was definitely being dragged by weird nasty boy. I'm scared she's one of those girls we see all the time in movies: beautiful, quiet, single, nice, who ends up with nasty boy who cheats on her. Yikes, movie of the week.

Heading bacck to the party... Upstairs, the second bottle of red wine got uncorked. Started to sip wisely, mixed with casual conversation. Was quiet because yours truly had had a rather unfortunate encounter with something in cheese that resulted in several sad hours perched over the toilet. When my stomach acts up, just want to cry, stay at home, and sleep more. But, birthdays being birthdays. Can't be left out of a party, can we?

Then people started to show up, girls, boys, boy, girl... Suddenly, after Ferdinand had finished refilling my glass (only to halfway while his was full! Drunk! Drunk!) the first bottle of champagne got uncorked. Was at this moment where I made a little trip into the kitchen to pick up some food. There were about 6 people packed into a kitchen the size of a broom closet. Finally squishing by everyone, checked the fridge, only to fall down. There were about 12 bottles of champagne lined up, toe to toe. GOD ALMIGHTY!

So that was it, threw out the red. Ran back for the second uncorking. People were being sexy, stupid, and messy. Queenie was starting to squeak in high muppet voice, Scoobs was refillling her glass blindly, Manu was scotched to the bed, talked to weird german art writer for too long, Voin and the Amsterdam posse showed up, as did AmiSioux and her boyfriend, who's birthday is just after mine, adding to our collection of birthdays in the next two weeks. The Scorpio fever is hot! Even Gaelle, our almost invisible friend, showed up with Eloe, sexy dancing Eloe. He's a boy and his name sounds like Eluard. Gaelle was normal until she was drunk, and then she didn't stop jumping up and down...this may seem like a small detail, but if you ever see the height of her heels you'd realize that this girl has had some serious training with the heels to not break her two fucking ankles jumping around like that.

This all culminated in a series of pile-ons. You remember them right? Yeah, first it was Queenie, with seven people on top, then it was Voin, with I can't remember. Gosh, Scoobs almost broke my back. Gaelle accidentally turned on the gas in the kitchen with her bum, and the whole place almost burst into flames. Remember double kissing everyone and taking 45 minutes to leave the party. Also remember long conversation with a guy name Wilfred, about something I totally cannot remember except that I was concentrating on my pronounciation but somehow managed to Birkin all my french. Gross. Followed by eternal walk to Scoobs and Anabelle's place. Woke up realizing my beautiful black hat was exchanged for some MASH-type cap. Oh well.

Now have appointment with sexy Sioux's boyfriend to book bar for Friday's blowout. If all turns out well, we'll be screaming till the break of dawn. But, first have to survive Voin's birthday parties, which are today and tomorrow. Boy is so hot that he needs two b-day parties. Also anxiously awaiting the coming of Toronto people, Jaci and her BF. It'll be nice to shoot the shit with some homefolk.

It's good to be out again.