Thursday, November 04, 2004

dewey finn wants you!
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Just finished watching School of Rock, again, twice in 24 hours. Just wanted to check in and say that, well, this is a really great and funny film. It's directed by Richard Linklater, so you know, it's gonna be good because he's the guy that did Dazed and Confused. And there's these kids who can really play rock music, a girl that sings like Aretha, a boy that plays like Mark Knopfler.

And don't forget Jack Black. He's funny, crazy, and I like his musical taste.

I think this film works because it is the very essence of rock, which brings out a certain naivety. After all, to really follow what Led Zeppelin is all about, you have to dive into the sparkling pool of what is psychedelic rock, without a concern for its 'reality' or 'not.' It's like a sword shining brightly, in early dawn, as it unsheaths itself from the utterly still lake. Or like a dove, doing backwards somersaults, until a flying corkscrew comes sailing in with vikings...

And if you like the mighty Zep, you'll love the extra in the DVD. Jack asks, in front of an audience of 1000 rockers, permission to use Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song... by driving them into a pure rock devotional frenzy. It almost made me weep.

But seriously, I missed this film when it first came out because I was having a nervous breakdown in the north of France in early 2003. And that's a crying shame, but not really...I wouldn't want to see this baby dubbed in french.

Rock is not french. French rockers is like English vegetables...WTF! Hello, does not make sense. It's not bred in the blood, or respect in the culture. I know, they're good at other kinds of music, with accordians and tin flutes or moogie keyboards.
But I grew up in Toronto, Hogtown, long-standing fort to Rock'n'Roll. I dated guys who played lead guitar and I've had a very serviceable jean and leather jacket for more than 8 years. And that's why I'm very happy that rock has become fashion, because then I am fashionable. But I have a feeling Bulgarian rock is taking over and I'm scared to wear my boots over my pants.

school of rock, with chad black, directed by richard linklater. I know, for most of you guys, might be an old recommendation. But even when you find a nugget that's 2 years old, it's still solid gold.