pressure cooker

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I've just deleted two posts, the one near midnight, and the one 30 minutes ago.
I couldn't bear to blog about politics. It's sooo uncool.

Instead I'll tell about one of my wedding presents: a pressure cooker!
I asked for it from Dacnar's sister. She said, "whaddya want now that you're gonna be married?"
relayed over the phone through dacnar, saying "wedding present?" to which I instantly replied "pressure cooker." "Yah, ok, I'll bring one over. BYE" two days later, big box with giant pressure cooker 16 litres!

I've been dying to get one of these things for years. The name, for me, instantly recalls beautiful memories of a scary grey metallic pot, with a weird whistling valve that emitted a sound that clearly sings YOU'RE GONNA BLOW UP YOUR HOUSE AND GET DECAPITATED. I've always liked my food a little spicy.

So...I rounded out my ingredients for the perfect chicken soup (dacnar is currently acting in a film where he has to go to war in WWI), and threw it in the pot. Checked all the valves to make sure they were clean, wiped down the rubber ring, lined up the arrows and slid the lock through. The metal piece slid in smoothly. The device seemed so professional.

But it didn't work. Halfway through the cooking, the second safety valve started leaking water. That's when I noticed that the first safety valve was going like nuts while the regulator was not...ahem...regulating! Exploding pot sequence!!! This all happened when I was too busy with something..ahem...else that I neglected the damn thing till I heard all those fatal hisses...

Getting some basic cover, I just took the pot off the stove and immersed it in cold water and lifted the regulator off...letting the pressure out.

I'm not sure why I'm telling you all this except that maybe, I don't feel so pressurized right now.

Anyways, the soup was good, even if we did eat at 11 at night.
I think this is my first soft (but not flaccid) porn post. Gosh, married life is exciting.