PATXI!!! patxi patxi!!!

Monday, October 18, 2004

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hahahaha, tonight, after incredible meal at super french brasserie, the Bofinger, chowing down on oysters, ris de veau, foie gras and salmon tartare, realized, to great great SHOCK, that old Star Academy crush was sitting at next table.

Was overcome with hysteria and shyness, over teenager no less! But, was too weird. I mean, here's this guy, whose misadventures on a tweenie star search had me scotch taped to the tele for all last autumn, sitting right there, in eyesight, with the same hair and shirt, like a normal guy.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that everything about his life was televised for those couple of months, and maybe I thought that if I talked to him, somewhere it would be televised.

He seemed quite shy. But very friendly, and completely knocked out by the rambunctiousness of our table. We were well into the 4th bottle of champagne when he got ready to go. He looked sad, as if somehow, with giving up his superhero tvsuit, he longed to be part of the immortals, even in their everyday gear.

You were great Patxi. I'm sorry I drew sunglasses over your face that day.

For Sam,
From Paris to Canada,
it's but one step,
and that step
is music.