The O.C.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Has come to France, finally. I missed all the fuss with the O.C. because I moved to France the year before it became the big shit. So, here are all my friends, my cousins, random people, talking about this tv show and riffing on it, and I have no friggin’ comment. Kind of how now I read the word “deck,” that’s supposed to be like “the shit” in new slang…but I have no clue because nobody here uses it. Missing this general accumulation of all kinds of useless information is the thing that’s going to ruin my humour in the new world.

Anyways, so the O.C. has come to one of France 2, the national station. Fun fun fun. However, it’s all dubbed, and now I’m really sad, because I’m sure California speak cannot be properly translated into parisien banlieu slang…it’s just not the same thing. And richie riches here don’t have the same respect for grammatical simplification. So all in all, watching this kind of nasty teen entertainment is really sad in translation.

Can somebody send me a region-free DVD!!!???? Plllleeeeaase!!!! (Hello, birthday November 17)

On the other hand, Columbo reruns in French are awesome!!!