No Correspondence

Sunday, October 10, 2004

If you’re on the line 5, going in the direction Place d’Italie, and you want to switch to the line 14, you can change at Bastille then Gare de Lyon…or, you can change at Quai des Rapées, walk out the turnstiles, walk to the Gare de Lyon, and stick the same ticket to get back inside the métro.

When we arrived at the Quai des Rapées, weren’t sure what was possible. The map indicated a little dotted line which translated to “correspondence.” However, at the station there wasn’t a passage leading in that direction. So we walked to the turnstiles, and the only available to speak to was on the other side, so we had to leave.

What made it even worse was that the ticket person didn’t know anything…she phoned what appeared to be a superior, who then told her that if you leave the metro, then you have to use a new ticket.

She said:
-It’s a correspondence passage in public, but you’ve left the station, so your tickets aren’t valid anymore.
Dacnar replied:
-If that’s a correspondence passage then I’ve got a correspondence straight to my front door.

She said we could go back in and change at Bastille, but darn it, we just didn’t have the time to make two metro changes just to get to the changeup.

So we left the station, walked about 5 minutes to the Gare de Lyon, and, out of sheer annoyance, I stuck my old ticket in, and it worked. Thanks Ms. RATP, for being not only uninformed on your job, but being incompetent enough not to find the correct answer. Pathetic. I’m sure this question gets asked many many times at that station and god knows how many people are ripped off on this nonsense. And what drives me nuts it’s the lack of coherence between the map and the signage. Sometimes I hate france.

Luckily all my bad energy was let out with Dodgeball…what a dumb movie.