in mid-elbow a gaze turned back

Saturday, October 23, 2004

I wandered through a dense and long
tree lined trail, with frequent stops
for though my heart was willed with envy
an unsure soul whispered evermore.

every song a bird did sing
threw my eyes in foreign directions
each lily green flicker on sight's breadth
did make me shed time and gain space

and still my thirst was not sated
the quiet of the brume was not for me
longing for the fairy fruit already tasted
made me pull far and further through

the trees look bleakly over dashed sunlight
the voice of a sun still young made chill
wherefore you search and what eve you desire
is welcomed with the turned heads of disloyal leaves

in vain turning like a whirlygig
to come upon a clearing, grey and blown
ended sight in the loam and gravel
the worms plundered blindly sure of home.