Gosh darnit!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Everytime I go out with a frenchman, just to hang out, he has to hit on me like mad, and then eventually jump for his french kiss. I mean, haven't these dingbats heard of platonic relationships? I'm getting so fed up with just going for dinner and drinks with someone, and then deaing with their petulance when I refuse.

I'm tired of all this "draggeur" "draggeuse" nonsense. That's the french word for a certain kind of extreme flirting that only happens in latin countries. I need to put up a sign saying, hi, I'm originally from North America, so I'd like to just talk like normal people before you start joking nonstop about how sexy you find my hair. (though I do love hair compliments)

maybe it seems like I'm ranting for nothing, but you don't know how hard it is for a girl in her 20s, with a fiance who likes the independance of his woman, having to deal with overly friendly and incredibly aggressive behaviour. The whistling, the hissing, the following and talking in a metro... And, do I really have to sport a ring, or cling onto the arm of my boyfriend to shut them up?

It's not even like I'm a bombshell or anything. I'm weird looking, asian, and slightly boyish... it must be hell for anyone who likes to wear tighty pants and blond streaks, though it tends to be the sullen removed french brunette that everybody howls at. Those pigs.

France is a mysogynistic country. I may be here, and I may be having a ton of fun, but it's hard to imagine that much has changed since the coming of Simone de Beauvoir.