Uncool and Cruel

Monday, July 04, 2005

That would be Mother Nature and her evil ways. So I've landed me a swell little pad for the month, and I had all this weekend off to pot around and spend some quality hours with friends and folk. Nope.... Instead I get attacked by first a very low-balling round of flu, and second of all by head-splitting allergies. This makes going out impossible. Even on medication, I still look like I've been crying my face off. While I don't really mind be an emotional wreck (lie), I absolutely hate looking like one (truth). Especially now, after spending a couple of hours parked in front of the television, I realise I'm going to get better just in time for work tomorrow.

If it gets worse than this you won't hear a peep from me all week.

And no... I'm not depressed anymore... just bloody angry and sneezing non-stop.


And I even managed to miss the debacle that is the Mr. CHIN contest at their annual picnic. I always hate missing greased up hairless ginos with striped hair swinging their packages in front of me... for free... while I eat hotdogs and drink cheap beer. That's the note of melancholy you might have picked up.