Moved and Feverish... Happy Canada Day

Saturday, July 02, 2005

I just finished moving to my new place, even further out in the west-end. Now I have a backyard, a clothes line, a gigantic beautiful apartment, and television, with no cable. Why the gripe? Well, I like cable, especially for watching sports, like the Tour de France, which begins tomorrow. It's going to mighty difficult to persuade Dacnar to come to the hinterlands of North America should he find out that not only is his Equipe 3 days old, but that he can't watch the Tour on TV. To be honest, this has left me stymied too.

I suppose I could just save myself up for the mountain stages... like some war bride hangin' out in an empty mansion.

Anyways, I'm also getting really sick right now... feverish... flu-ish... getting dizzy and feeling generally so flat that anything less than a toddler falling down on its face and then getting stomped by an over-excited panda is not making me laugh.


Happy Canada Day folks. It's so wonderful to come from the country of hockey pucks and Celine Dion. So great to feel a part of something of a country... of some sort... but yeah... fireworks, I might go down and taste me some fireworks, if I swallow enough aspirin and power through the paunchy-slow moving trains of immigrant families. Maybe I'll just turn on my screensaver and call it a day.