Blood on the Pavement

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Those fuckers at the dry-cleaners lost my favourite white blazer. I'm outta here so fuck them.

My hands smell like oysters and my mouth is still oily with great wine. I have so many things to do, pack, and stuff.. but drunk as a skunk. This is the only way to spend your night before you jump on a plane.

Excited to go home. Scared, but excited. I can't wait to see all the old geezers and sweet cheer-uppers. You know I'm comin' to getcha, and you know I mean well. Sweet dreams y'all. When I wake up next morning, there's going to be sunlight, a plane, a ride, a going away to find the place I ran away from, make peace and pow wow with the natives. Toronto, the bestest hometown ever, here I come.

But yah, I'm still coming back to Paris, in the fall.