Wednesday, May 04, 2005

She's going away she is... and just when we started to be friends. Sometimes I underestimate people immensely. I have a cellphone pic of her, and that's all. Hopefully dacnar will forward it to me and then you can have a gander. Till then, visit her fotolog! (Yes, shameless plug for everyone to see yet another photograph of me.) The boy in the photo is Leo, one half of the lovely Rabus brothers. Smashing artist and a fun guy to boot.

Oh, and if you want to see our Dutch princess's fine handiwork, check out her ProductLove website. It's got some nice embroidered pieces, and one picture of Marlie herself where you can actually see her face. She's the girl on the right with the white hood, when the two of them are djing on their iMacs.

Will write more later... but really... really... must sleep now.