the heat is on

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

ugh... I hate this feeling...fear.

I just gave out my address to somebody, an anonymous person, who said I won a phone. I knew it was a fake, but it took me about 2 minutes to realise it... That's two minutes after the phone call was finished. Obviously, it's someone I know, somebody who has my cellphone number. Worse still, and this is the shit part, they have my address as well as phone number. What people can do with that... my imagination runs wild: arson, theft, stalking.

I always imagine the worst thing, of course, and it would be if it's somebody I know who's really out to get me, and tries to burn down my house. Being most of the time quite selfish, I have to say that this time I am selfless. My neighbours on three sides have little babies and children. Obviously putting their lives into danger would be a very ugly thing to do. Yet, I believe these are quite ugly people...

However, on the bright side, I did contact the police to find out what can be done about this kind of situation and apparently the call can be traced. Whew. If the call happens again, I am asked to report it immediately. Double whew. When did the police become my friends???