Friday, April 29, 2005

yeah... yeah... YEAH!

Things are rockin' and a rollin.' Too much shit going on to blog about... Plus am three seconds short of mortuary tiredness.

Short, last night threw a house-destroying party. I'm sure my neighbours hate me... after hearing Toxic for the seventh time at 4am. Icelandic people drink more than any other ethnic group I've come across. Dressing like Anna Karina gets instant kudos from EVERYBODY. Mountain of cigarette butts on the sidewalk, four floors down from my apartment. I think everybody had fun with wieners on a string... they were strung up like firecrackers from several points in the apartment. The deal was the bite one while passing from one room to the next. Thanks to Vincent and Dave, who ran out at 1:30am to buy us more vodka and beer... Geraldine and Sandra for Carte Vitale fun... Julie, so wonderful and cute as the birthday girl... Scoubs and Queenie and Manue on the food detail, Arnaud for helping me clean this morning and making that tasty tart last night, Thibault for being so loveable and kissable all night long, Icelandic mad folk for serious hijinks at the end of the night... my downstairs and next door neighbours... and Gaelle... for being plummy and having chutzpah.


Tonight: more free parties, just not at my place, with open bars, magazine openings, Zorba hardcore nights... blah blah blah blah... Kim, my diablesse partner in crime, will co-author tonight's shenanigans. Us two oriental girls are a beautiful and deadly duo.