Film-making is glamourous...

Monday, May 23, 2005

This is one of the most popular lies in the world.

Yup. I am now of the firm belief that movie-makers, and those who actually think this is a glamourous and attractive activity, should have their heads crushed at birth out of sheer stupidity. I can't think of a more horrific way to spend a day than to be a crew member of a film shoot. Long long hours, dreadful amounts of logistics, burning heaps of money, giving everything only to see one or two little things make everything worthless, watching the amount of pain your friends have to go through, yet not being able to stop.

I love the husband, but today was an exercise in patience, and unselfishness. I didn't scream... I didn't blow a fuse... I had one very near meltdown... and I almost cried several times because of how much Darius suffered. Darius is Dacnar's fetish actor... his actor of choice... you know, a bit like how Bill Murray is to Wes Anderson. Except Darius is quite strange: very gentle, loveable, and all in all very naive and childlike even at the age of 58. Last night, the producer, who hadn't booked him into a hotel, simply threw him into a flea-bag hotel in one of the nastiest areas of Paris. Darius, who hadn't even slept much the night before out of nervousness, went through a horrible night. His bed was broken.

So today was a nightmare. There was one shot that needed 15 takes, and still it was never perfect. That's nerve-wracking. Tonight, he's sleeping in the same hotel because the shoot went too late, everybody was too busy, and despite my pleas, the producer didn't take care of it... again.... but luckily, Darius is off tomorrow. As am I. I'll be taking him out in the afternoon, to see Dalida's house, and then tomorrow evening, he'll be getting a good night's sleep at a proper hotel. I'm seeing to it personally. You can't make a good film when your best actor, one of the sweetest guys around, is breaking his heart because he's too tired to remember his lines.