Testicule Crushing and the Camera D'Or at Cannes

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I can't write much right now... I'm too tired. Dacnar is shooting his film right now, and since I am officially part of the team, asst. decorator besides general ball breaker, that means early early mornings and late late nights. It's bloody hard and complicated to shoot real films... on 35mm.

And when I say ball breaker, I mean ball breaker.

Today's testicule crushing activities included:
1. yelling at the sound guy, at 9am, not to smoke cigarettes where we will eventually shoot because of the possible murky atmosphere, and the definite probability that should he light up, the rest of the crew will follow suit. "No, you, go upstairs to the make-up and lounge area and smoke yer butts there."
2. yelling at the gaffer guy not to smoke his joint at 10:30am because the smell goes through the apartment building. And while we're nice, our neighbours are still putting up with enough. (WTF!!! Who needs to smoke a joint at 10:30 in the morning! Nobody should be that macho about their addiction.)
3. yelling at one of the actors not to take a puff from the joint

Good things done on the shoot:
1. Keeping a close watch while the actors were prepping, and helping them out when I can.
2. Moving my whole apartment into the kitchen so that it can be replaced by the decor requested, with Scoubs, my boss.
3. Installing said decor with Scoubs.
4. Suggesting lunch places and supplying papers and pens.
5. Taking pics of the table so that we can get a fix on the where the props are each time.
6. Kissing and boosting morale... for the husband
7. Running errands for the props tomorrow
8. Talking to everybody on the crew who was waiting, and getting cheap laughs. Distraction is good when people are bored.

Bad things I did:
1. Complain to Scoubs often.
2. Sulking while the director, a.k.a. my husband, was babying the tense actress

Good things done after the shoot:
1. Not bugging the husband about getting the apartment back into ship-shape order
2. Cooking a smashing dinner
3. Getting the dissection of the day and giving him tons of support and help.

Why? Because I love him and I really do think he's a great artist. Plus, the script is funny and anything that makes me laugh needs to be known.He's destined for greatness and I'm ready to be the Gala to his Dali, or would that be the Chloe Sevigny to his Harmony Korine... oh bother... the Nardac to his Dacnar.

I jumped out for 3.5 hours in the afternoon, when I wasn't needed, to meet up with Petite Anglaise, pick-up props, and go to my fitting for the fashion show next week.

In other daily news, our classmate, Vimukthi Jayasundara from that horrible mind-fuck school we all went to, Le Fresnoy, just won the Camera D'Or at Cannes. Way to go you sly Sri-Lankan fox you! And to think, if he gets even more famous we'll be selling tapes of our wedding, where he pulled down his pants at the party. (Kidding, but he was there, trying to seduce an actress and we got it on tape.) And yes, that mind-fuck school will probably go trumpetting around that he came from there when really they kicked him out of his second year and pulled the budget on his film.