Running on Empty

Thursday, May 19, 2005

So last night went to party to celebrate the upcoming production of Dacnar's film. Considering that this is just a short film, the crew is extremely large. There is an assistant director, an assistant to the assistant director, a camera man, an assistant to the camera man, a lighting guy, his assistant, a sound guy, his assistant, a guy to hold the boom, a decor person, her assistant, her assistant's assistant, a make-up artist, a costume designer, 8 actors... blah blah blah. I mean, this is just for the shooting. Afterwards the film has to be edited and so on... so the crew is going to get even larger.

This is just for a short film you know. Strange.

Anyways, the crew seems alright. Very serious. I'm getting paranoid about the actress hitting on my husband. But, that's the job of an actress anyways, to find a way of advancing one's career through evil emotional manipulation. She seemed nice enough in person, but I did notice her little giggle when I let Dacnar take her home (completely my doing since I decided to stay on at the party and flirt with guy who had the joint).

Speaking of drugs, I've smoked some fairly strong stuff in Amsterdam before, but this stuff was horrible. I only had a couple of puffs and suddenly the top left part of my brain was singing. At least I wasn't like the actor next to me, who, from the 7th floor, ralphed out the window onto a passerby. The guy screamed at us for 5 minutes... hell I'd burn the building down if someone puked on my head.

Afterwards we went to find les filles, who were having dinner at The President, some swank Chinese restaurant in Belleville. The entrance alone to this place is worth a gander. The luscious octagonal lobby is replete with Chinese cherry oak bric-à-brac. You climb up the swooping central staircase, which then splits into two, hugging the wall and meeting up at the landing, directly above the entrance. The walls are mirrored on every angle so you get the impression you're in some sort of Chinese Escher stairway puzzle. Very Dario Argento.

Anyways, those girls were eating fried springrolls and other sundry false chinese crap. I hate Chinese food in France. It sucks.

We left soon after to go to Zorba and drink beer. I'm high as a kite, and the overall red lighting is making me feel like I sipped too many at the Moloko Milkbar. People start talking about something extremely boring and I concentrate on holding my head at an attractive angle, while delicately blinking a bored expression. It's an art.

The Dude, who we haven't really seen since he crashed and burned with Queenie, swings by, after a pitstop at McDo, with his new girlfriend in tow. She's a horrorshow. I mean, maybe she's a nice sweet girl, and I'm missing the point because I'm a vicious superficial bitch, but what's up with that look! She's like Pat Benatar run over by a Drugstore Cowboy cruiser. She looks nasty and her pants are so heroin addict. Heroin chic is definitely not happening. She has this kind of swingy short Benatar haircut with bleached white bangs, and while this is normally exactly the type of thing I go for, on this girl, it's downright hair-raisingly scary. They did some smackeroos in front of us, and I exchanged looks with Scoubs.

Then, who should come creeping by but the guy who hates me... let's call him Scruff. So Scruff, of the pyramid style hair and velour jacket, who hates me after I laughed in his face at his sexual proposition, takes one look at me and steels his glance. He spends the rest of the night cooped up at the far end of the bar. I now have four boys in this city who hate me. But this one, he should definitely get off of it because I actually thought he was sweet and funny before this overly-dramatic turn of events.

Suddenly, I notice Queenie from the other side of the road. The Dude has his back to the door, so he doesn't see her.... doesn't see her bored tired look, go to laughing anticipation, go to confusion, go to comprehension, go to quick back heel turn in other direction. She's been around him since, but this time she is without her new lover, and he is.


That's all. Today there's two art parties, tomorrow there's three.... and Saturday....