leaving an open trail of blood from the bodies slashed would only work to her disadvantage. it attracted sharks.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Help Help... I'm bleeding! But no, there really are no dead bodies around.

Yeah, so went to the Mouvement magazine birthday party. The usual crew was there, gimme a V! a T! an L! a J! a P! a Q! and an SUV! and that's what we call a turnout. Dressing was down, and mostly black. It's cold and dark, the vibe tonight, like living in a musty run-down palace where the wall is crumbling underneath the paint. There were chandeliers and the theatre itself was the false treasure some wooden-toothed buccaneer had invented in a fabled encounter with rum. I wore my Conan belt again. Yeah... there was music and stuff... yeah... but place had anti-dance electricity on full-blast... so was like pulling teeth after awhile.

Am too tired from continuous string of socialising. Need more bedtime. Either that or the night was really boring.