Jimming the Jive when the old tentacular brain is goin' flatlined

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I can't believe how gay that last post was... I mean like geek... not that I'm slammin' homosexuals, because then all my guy friends would slap me up.

Anyways, that's what happens when you spend too long in front of your computer, recovering from two weeks of grant writing to scary french institutions that not only want to know what ants are trickling from your brain, but the size of your panties too. I can reveal the size of my panties but never the style, so I had to be extra creative on that end.

What else... Paris is fun... it will be fun tonight... Voin and I are packing double punch at the Modern Art Museum so come over, if you have a chance... it's the one at Saint Michel. The Andrea Crews crew, lead by archbishop Marussia, will be starring with her own massive wall space, then lame drinks and cocktails at the Point FMR, with fellow artists, where head will resemble turnstile à la Exorcist.

Yeah, kind of chill right now... but workin' on the new project, so feeling icky and flummoxed. I have a security problem with my art. Ok... now off to have tea with my delegate from the Ministry of Culture. Wish me luck girls and guys.