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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

So, the ole Painfeeler, haven't had much in the way of reportings for a bit. But, in the ripe tradition of hungover posts, I present a stanza from his song, "ride the scorpion." He provides the exegesis, with lyrics.

He's very good at explaining stuff, I think. Plus, I guess this is a bit of a guest post, and I only accept guest posting from magnetic underlords of the oneiric field of which Outlaw must be the Master Blaster.
Excerpt from "Ride the Scorpion," by Adam Outlaw

hobo scabs on the nitemare coast
the olsen twins at the weenie roast
it's dollar beer nite so I make a toast
i'll be a parasite if you be my host

i had this visionfever dream of all these hobos with skinmange dying
on this weird, desolate beach. Purple, redtide waves and a screeching
electronic hum. I had to dodge the flicked, contaminated flesh flakes
of these derelicts. I did so and finally crawled my way to a
Pyramid...Mayan Style...emeralds and rubies and saphires and
topaz.....and obsidian-sleek narrow stairs......The Olsen twins
high-atop the fur bikinis presiding...shucking and jiving
with all these handsome, granite-faced sexy hunks. So sexy and
handsome and creamy of studs as to make me whimper. My penis
retracted and I felt like a little boy about to board a roller coaster
for the first time.

Nothing salacious...mind you. Hot dogs on sticks stuck in a fire.

I was largely unnoticed by these hunks and the Olsen Twins. One of
the girls motioned for me to pass her the salt shaker. She didn't
talk to me...but there was some other sniveler, betamales present and
we said to ourselves, "Fuck this shit. Let's go knock back some suds
at the local cantina."

We made our way to the bar and I was the wittiest of all. The barmaid
was impressed with me. I was killing her softly with my jokes. But
she saw through my quicksilver wit...she lasered through my spongeflab
and perceived with thermal vision....a squealing, white grub
larvae...hollering and moaning for venom milk. I asked her for some.
She said, "NO." A firm "no.".....but she was kind of sad about
turning me down. I can sense this kind of thing.

parasiteandtoastparasite and toast