who's for Nellie Olsen?

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

oh nellie!

Maybe she just had the face of a little blond bitch, but she's our real original go-getter, cheater, she'd be a finalist on the Apprentice. She's such a super-bitch, but look, if you spent all your life finishing second to a buck-tooth whiner like Laura, you'd be pretty bitter too. Sometimes I wish they'd just let Nellie win. Oh Little House, now in french reruns, how your world is full of contradiction...contradiction and love. Look, like Jesus, she also bled for us:

"Her signature "Nellie Oleson curls" were a wig, which was held so tightly to her head that her scalp bled." - IMDB Database

Crazy sounding board on Little House in case you don't have a job too.


So, last night I went to have sushi with the swiss+japanese connection. The two Swiss brothers were in town, looking to buy an apartment in Paris. Yeah, you heard me right... "BUY" and apartment. I have no idea if it's easier or harder than renting, but those guys are only here till tomorrow, so they're looking for a sweet deal in under 72 hours. That's a tall order.

Also saw a catalogue of Leo's work, which was mighty impressive. Does that mean that artists have to make things?

It started off quickly, with the rapid polishing off of four beers. Then Leo came in double fisted with carrier bags full of more bottles. It looked liked he might have over-estimated a little. But, we were to find out later how little our estimation was. Finally, mildly tippled, and having gabbled on about something, to be honest I have a very dim memory of what exactly was said last night, we made it to the dinner table, which was covered in tuna sushi, natto sushi, spinach sushi, scallop sushi, tuna sashimi, and fried scallops with ginger and algae. Crazy fun time, especially natto.

So, besides the food, what happened. There was a very funny guy called Stefan, who had shaggy black hair, was Alsatian/Spanish, and worked in a newspaper magazine stand. He had a funny way of describing a chicken "this big thing (flapping arms) with the little tiny feet (two fingers wiggling before his eyes)." I wish I could remember more. I really do. He's also a mad TAB fan, and a Michael Moore freak. Ewwwww, Michael Moore is so uncool, and kind of nasty, and kind of gross, but not in a good way. He reminds me of Piggy from Lord of the Flies. Will somebody just lynch this guy already.

Yeah, and you know what the funny thing with Michael Moore fans is...they're as unbudgeable, inflexible, as Osama fans. I'm not down with the M'n'M because I got a fever, a fever for some COWBELL! Oh the long lost Afghanistan...I tried to make a song for you the other day.

Taliban Taliban
Does whatever a bad guy can
Spins a web, any size,
Makes the videos no one likes
Look Out!
Here comes the Taliban.

Are they strong?
Listen bud,
They've got radioactive blood.
Can they swing from a thread
only when their beards are wet
Hey, there
There goes the Taliban.

In the chill of night
At the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light
A mean death toll they do chime.

Taliban, Taliban
Friendly neighborhood Taliban
Planning freaks
Executive geeks
Afterlife is their reward.

To them, life is a great big bang up
Whenever there's a hang up
You'll find the Taliban.


Yeah, I know, these kind of things are comedy killers.
Well, the night went on till 3am, after which numerous bottles, beer and wine, were lined up on the table. It's nice how friendly empty bottles look. And I'm sucker for an empty mike.

I'm outta here...woooosh.


And yes, I'm still looking for job, evil conscience!