Mutton, the HERMIT!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What I did today:

Spent the first 6 hours of my day looking for a job, sending out CVs and writing letters. Then had lunch, then wrote a bit on other stuff. Then sent out various random emails, some of which were returned, many of which were not. Ate more toast. Thought about stuff, wrote more, checked my mail, discovered Glowria, downloaded all the latest stats, went back to reading, fielded some random phone calls, had a disagreement over how paint drips, thought about future and past, wrote a bit more, ate a bit more, now updating blog with handy useful information for the future. Am I retired?


1. - french website where you can, for 24Eu, rent an unlimited number of DVDs per month. You pick your DVDs out on the website, 3 at a time are delivered to your house, when you're done watching them, you mail 2 of them back in a pre-stamped envelope that arrives with your package. You can do this as many times as you want in a month. It takes around a day for your selection to arrive, it takes about 3 days for each time you exchange. So, you can take out about 23 DVDs in a month, if you plan it well, for 24 Eu... and it arrives at your door. Right now, they have a special offer where the first month is 1Eu...and you can give up your contract at any time.

WatchoutJEAN! That's Jean le Cam. He's in second place, behind Vincent Riou, in the incredible round the world boat race, Le Vendée Globe. He skirted round icebergs at Cape Horn, and now they're racing back. There's only 1.2miles between the two top skippers. Think about it, you race, day and night, around the world, for months, and, at the end, you're only a couple of minutes ahead! That's excitement baby!

3. We're having sushi with the Swiss Japanese faction tomorrow because both Dacnar and myself are have love affairs with our computers today.

4. Why do they call that tsunami thing an act of God? And then why do people still pray?

5. I'm too far away from North America and the NFL Playoffs have started. Can anybody help me here? Will Peyton Manning carry it off? He certainly got off to a ripping start! But the steady money will always be on Brady. Man's a winner.

6. Whatever happened to the California Raisins?


Here's a true story:
Mutton, the meditating Manatee, decided to leave his swamp on a dare. He wanders around and falls asleep on the street. Suddenly, a fast sports car crashes into him. Out from the car pops a raccoon, looking really speedy and coked up. "Dude! You look like a rock! Here, get a shirt on!" So Mutton gets a shirt, and, as people keep bumping into him, thinking he's a wall, a shelf or a giant public sculpture, he finds himself accumulating more and more clothes. But, you see, Mutton is on a mission. He's out to find the GPC, Great Philosophical Centre, where he will present his new treatise on the ubiquitous presence of salt proving the non-existence of bad action in life. When he finally gets there, he's sweating a storm. He takes off his hat and the secretary invites him inside, where many venerable animals are debating the reality of teeth. Suddenly, as he steps up to the podium to deliver his speech, he notices, to his great disgust, that all of the others are flashing him.