Les Coqs en Suisse

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The disgrace of the bird flu has hit Frenchmen hard. Look at them hang their heads in disgrace!

les coqs

Actually, this is a photo I took at the Natural History Museum in Neuchatel, where we were this weekend. They had a special exhibition on chicken... good timing I'd say. It was very entertaining, though I found the permanent exhibition equally stunning. The dioramas were simply gorgeous.

the fox and the hare

Switzerland is exactly what everybody imagines it to be. A land of stunning civility, with tons of great chocolate, fondue, and no shit on the streets. Very picturesque, and lots of beer. We spent a quiet time walking up hills, appreciating snow, mountains and lakes, and feeling rather happy being far away from Paris.

benoit walking up the hill in Neuchatel