Friday, September 16, 2005

An infant with gigantic limbs, who sorted out after giving his mum almost a day of pain... this Diego, he be the new child of Inaki and Delphine. It's rather more beautiful than one could imagine. All the Bordeaux boys collected tonight at Richard's place to have a toast. I was so moved to see grown men reduced to paltry comments on Bourgogne and Bordeaux wines, interspersed with compliments on Diego's unusually big size.

Inaki seemed so growned up, in his suit and shirt, classy, serving us champagne, and looking more sober than I think I've ever seen him. He recounted Delphine's struggles, how she went into labour during the League of Champions Lyon/Real Madrid game. She stayed in labour for 20 hours before Diego made his already late appearance. Inaki later said, "if you ever want hard-core singers, go to the maternity ward. Pure screaming"

We then headed off to Point FMR, where even Katerine came around to congratulate the new father. More baby talk and other comic events ensued, but what counted was that we were there, all a little confused and bemused. I watched this group of boys, who have known each other for over 15 years, look embarassed and proud over an event they were too mystified to comprehend, but recognized as a crossing in their lives.

Diego's going to be huge. Kisses for Delphine.


What I didn't mention last night, in my inebriated euphoria, was the incredible raging desire, displayed by every single male in the room, to get instantly drunk and stoned. Perhaps it was a great celebration, or the need to have a great celebration, but hidden behind it was also, I think, anxiety. As if now the fact of having a child in their midst not only solidified their fraternal union, made a family of all of them, but also threw into sharp relief that time is passing.

As Richard said, "When reality becomes reality, it's totally unreal." Of course, he did projectile vomit about a dozen times not long after.