a day in the sun - Aussie Open Finals

Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm drunk... no... really. It's been a long week and cracked open the Bordeaux a couple of hours early. Whatever. Drained, overworked... but still, there's one last hill to climb.

The finals....

Amelie Mauresmo and Justine Henin-Hardenne
At this stage of the game, it's like playing the lottery. The special circumstances surrounded finals means that both players have to be considered as x-factors. Even if a player, historically, has played well in finals, rising to the challenge, the game of tennis is built on exception. It's with this is mind that I pick my first winner: Amelie Mauresmo. I think if we were to look at the facts on the page, and mental tenacity, Justine is the logical pick. But, let's throw logic aside, because, someone like Baghdatis proves logic is useless. Stop using the brain. I feel Amelie soaring high at the beginning of the first set, driving to an early lead. I see Justine clawing her way back and a first set tie-break. I see Justine taking that set. But, then I see Amelie regrouping, and pulling four straight games in the second. Amelie dominates from that point on and the third set, even with her six match points, it's the seventh, like the seventh year after, which is the lucky one. Bisous cherie! I'm with you all the way!

Federer and Baghdatis
If ever there was an x-factor it would be Baghdatis. We've never seen him in a Grand Slam final, nor semi, nor quarter. He acquitted himself admirable on all previous counts so why not now? Because of Roger, that's why. Roger is certainly not cranked into high gear all the time, but he has a pristine record on finals in the last two years, save the Masters last December. That's a frightening statistic and testament to the type of player that handles himself coolly under pressure. But, Marcos has never played this way before. We don't know what Marcos can do. I don't know what Marcos can do. But, I believe. Baghdatis in a four set shocker! And you know, he trains in Paris... he's probably more french than I.