somebody else's 100 Best Records list

Friday, February 03, 2006

It's weird to see someone list their 100 Best Records on any given site. Can you imagine the time it takes to listen to 100 records? Can you imagine the time it takes to listen to them often enough, along with the other thousands of records for you to say, yes this is the hundred best? I mean, the only people who have time for that are living in jail or limbless.... or maybe just Rolling Stones reporters. Did he just listen to one song? I cannot fathom this at all.

That given, Woebot's list (above link) is a remarkably erudite list. Personally, I've only listened to around 40% of that list, and maybe sometimes just one song. Still, heavy on funk, soul, dancehall, jazz, punk, and krautrock it is, and that's the way I like it (minus krautrock... yuck). That Thelonious record, though, should be crushing the hell out of Pere Ubu. And, how did Vashti Bunyan make the top ten when Nick Drake gets dissed? That's not right either.

Yup, music nerds are the biggest snobs running around out there. Sometimes, it's all about the rarity or the difficulty of the record. As if to say, what... you don't get it? I would never put Captain Beefheart on my list because I can only listen just so many times to his "far-out-ness" before part of me just starts to question why musical 'genius' has to be painful to listen to.

What about Mozart? What, Wolfie not cool enough to like because he's an Austrian without an out-of-tune guitar? Einstein said that Mozart's music was like a great truth in the universe. While Beethoven created melodies, Mozart plucked them out of the great symmetry in the universe, not unlike physics, where the rules and symmetry of the universe are there in existence waiting for us to discover them. I could say the same thing about J.S. Bach too, but nobody ever puts classical music on their top 100 lists. Makes you sound old, right?

Excluding the snobs, the meaningless pop and the cookie cutter drivel, there's still a lot of great music. Too much music in the world, in fact, to be putting out definitive top 100 lists. These days, the only possible thing is to say the song you chose to listen to the most in the last couple of weeks. What's yours? For me, that would be Toots and the Maytals: Pressure Drop.... It is you! Oh yea-aaa-ah.