the escalation of violence

Friday, January 20, 2006

It's bad enough that they let their pooches do No.2 all over the place. The worst is when they encourage said beasts with pats and snacks after it has crapped. Imagine yourself walking to work in the morning when suddenly your eyes are arrested by the disturbing image of a little Yorkshire terrier sniffing at a gigantic hump of human-sized shit. Rain is falling in dew-like wisps... The dog turns around and moves its hind legs slightly forward, bending its back. An old lady pats it neatly on the head as it deposits another load onto the bank.

My husband calls this technique, shitting on a pile of shit, "the escalation of violence."

It all left me feeling rather desperate, dreaming of dressing that woman in a brown fur suit and making her shit next to a tree in a carpark. No wonder the French are so perverted.