Monday, January 16, 2006

Something strange happens to the average male in the dead of winter. Normal steak-chewing bookish types sometimes transform into full grown creeps. In the last week I've had two declarations of love from anonymous readers of this blog, three emails for a date as a result of a want ad I left on another site, two obscene phone calls, and one blind man encouraging his dog to urinate in front of me. Oh, and I didn't even mention the crazy biological determinist who's set up camp on my cousin's blog. That one has left comments suggesting that he's passed a fair amount of time dissecting my racial roots to explain my prowess in math and the arts. He could have just said, "MY GOD, YOU'RE LOVELY AND BRILLIANT. I'D LOVE TO FUCK YOU AND MAKE GENIUS MODEL CHILDREN!" but of course he'd be retarded to say that. My progeny are going to be born with moustaches and oversized noses, and I no longer have any say in that.

Anyway... Schuey really ended his blog. The domaine absurde has flown the coop. And that's the scoop today on creeps. (tee hee!)