Battle of the Babes

Friday, January 20, 2006

There's a real heat wave sweeping over the Australian Open right now. Temperatures are supposed to climb to the low 40s tomorrow and there's talk of suspending play in the afternoon due to dangerous conditions. This afternoon, under scorching heat, Fabrice Santoro won against former French Open Champion, Gaston Gaudio. I hope the Magician can keep on going!

Later on, played under cooling evening skies, Slovakian princess, Daniela Hantuchova won her third round match against Serena Williams. Despite consistent talented play, Hantuchova is really only famous for being one of the uber-babes of the WTA, a bit the Bambi on the scene. No surprise, really. Her long skinny legs do remind me of wobbly animated baby deer limbs. But, the big news isn't her uber-babeness, nor her win against a sloppy and flabby Serena. The big news is her upcoming match against that mega-watt princess of the WTA, Maria Sharapova. Can you imagine all those Aussie men on Sunday, crawling over each other in the sweltering heat, melting in their Bermuda shorts and turning lobster pink, while wolf whistling these two ladies? Hah!

Daniela and Maria

Oh, and another reason to like Santoro and Hantuchova... they're both doubles champions and play regularly. Here they are with their mixed double trophy at Roland Garros. Doubles isn't glamourous but it sure is fun!