the worm in the apple

Friday, September 02, 2005

I couldn't help looking it up even though I don't like the news. I wanted to write about something else: eating giant african fish, blogshares blahcares, michel houellebecq's new book, how to imitate cheeses. But I can't help it. It scares me.

A couple of days ago, the husband, who unlike me reads more than the sports section, told me that Katrina was aimed at New Orleans. Like every other news story, when the storm got downgraded and we found out that there weren't that many casualties, I slipped it off my mind. Then yesterday, Tim, Eleonore's southern gentleman, filled me in on what was going on in that beautiful broken-down town.

It's going to hell.

As if facing nature's wrath wasn't enough, people are now shooting each other, looting the town bare, and turning what was a disaster area into full scale anarchy. The town has turned over to the savages once born as men. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like, to know that your own police force cannot protect themselves, no food, no water and all evacuation halted because people are firing at the helicopters meant to ferry people to safety.

In one particularly poignant picture, we see a large man standing outside a convention centre, holding in one arm a child, and in the other a blanket he is using to cover up a man shot dead. Shot dead! Not even killed by fallen trees, or drowned in a mudslide. He must have thought "Hell, the worst was over. Life goes on."

Well, greed, hunger, desperation, they go on too. How wonderfully resourceful the human animal is.